What Type of Bonus Do Portuguese Sports Betting Offer?

Many online betting companies offer their new and veteran customers many opportunities to increase their balance quickly. Some types of bonuses are the most sought after, such as freebets and cashback, but it is also possible to find an incredible variety of promotions in Portuguese companies. How about knowing a little more?

Bonus Types for Sports Betting

  • Free Bet: After a deposit, we have the opportunity to place a free bet on a possible outcome of a game. If the result is a victory, we will receive a prize. In case of defeat, no money is lost. Some companies offer this bonus right after registration or as a reward for participating in an event.
  • No Deposit Bonus: Right after registration, a credit may be placed in your account for you to test the page before the first bet paid. If your free sports betting site that gives awards offers this facility, don’t give up and get to know the company better before putting real money into your account.
  • Boost: Usually the boost bonus is given to customers after the opening of a major league or league. In daily boosts the increase happens every 24 hours and it is possible to place bets on different sports.
  • Sign-up Bonus: Also known as welcome, the prize for this promotion is usually 100% of the deposit amount and the customer will have double the credits to start spending on their matches.
  • Cash Back: in this type of offer, if you lose a bet the company will refund your money. This prize does not require a direct bet, but there may be some conditions attached. Therefore, it is important to know them before accepting cash back.
  • Reload: After the welcome bonus, a reward after a deposit is one of the most common offers. To receive credits from the company, you need to make a top up, with an amount that is determined by your casino or sports center.

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